With the rapidly developing era of efficient genetic, lifestyle/behavioral and sensor-based measures to characterize individuals through multiple dimensions of disease determinants, biomarkers and modifiers, new avenues for prevention, diagnosis and management of health events are becoming a reality.  However, realization of benefits from precision health discoveries for all segments of the population requires i) integrating and implementing precision health research within a population health framework, i.e., broader participation of healthy and diseased individuals from the population and the clinics, and ii) applying innovative study designs and scientific methods for capturing and analyzing diverse sources of complex precision health data. The University of Chicago is well-positioned to address these challenges in producing impactful precision health discoveries to benefit our patients, community, and beyond.


The overall goal of the new IPPH is to promote multidisciplinary collaborations across campus to design and implement a wide array of precision health research using a population-based framework among diverse research participants from its clinics and surrounding communities. Over the next five years, the IPPH specifically aims to:

  • Bring together diverse expertise across the university relevant to precision health research and training
  • Work with academic departments to help develop new expertise through faculty recruitment in augmenting university’s precision health research and training capacity
  • Help create population-based precision health research resource accessible by faculty at large
  • Work with academic units, educational committees, and interested faculty members to establish a new graduate training program in precision health

By implementing the above goals IPPH will help position The University of Chicago at the forefront of impactful precision health research.