About the Institute for Population and Precision Health (IPPH)

The concept of “precision medicine” promises a new era of biomedical research and its application in health care, enabled by rapid advances in biomedical sciences, including genomics and bioinformatics, as well as the progress in communication, information technologies and data science.

The IPPH at the University of Chicago is leveraging and integrating these advances and resources within the context of a broader “population health” research perspective to improve the ability to prevent disease, promote health and reduce health disparities in Chicago and beyond. The focus of the IPPH at the University of Chicago is on applying various emerging technologies and methods of precision medicine at a population level. This integration requires the employment of a range of methodologies, from the molecular sciences to disease surveillance, while simultaneously considering the impact of genomics, the microbiome, the environment, societal factors, and the implications of preventative and population health policies.


Led by Dr. Habibul Ahsan, the IPPH supports multidisciplinary research designs and research activities. In order to address the most important longstanding and emerging questions in health, we utilize integrated and complementary teams skilled in the basic sciences, informatics, biostatistics, traditional and modern epidemiologic methods, clinical practitioners and clinical scientists, interventionists and behavioral experts, etc. This research portfolio includes the development of multiple cohorts and epidemiologic studies including the Chicago Multiethnic Prevention and Surveillance Study, the All of Us Research Program at UChicago, Chicago Center for Health and Environment ongoing clinical studies in the Epidemiology Research and Recruitment Core, and global health research resources, in a manner that will facilitate scientific breakthroughs in “precision” prevention, treatment, and health promotion.

The IPPH also supports various educational and training programs in population health across the University of Chicago.  The IPPH training program has been conceptualized to prepare future generations of “population-based precision health scientists.’’