Cook County CARES (Cancer Alliance to Reignite and Enhance Screening)

Cook County is the most populous county in Illinois and the second‐most populous county in the United States. According to the 2010 census, Cook County had 5,194,675 residents, who represented 40% of all residents in the state of Illinois. Although Cook County has a similar colorectal cancer incidence rate as Illinois, its mortality rate is significantly higher than the Illinois overall rate and ranks 3rd across the 104 counties in Illinois. The overall aim of Cook County CARES (Cancer Alliance to Reignite and Enhance Screening), Directed by Institute member Dr. Karen Kim is to establish a multi-level, multifaceted framework to increase organized approaches to colorectal screening, prevention and control in partnership with a diverse group of healthcare system sector partners. The program purpose is to increase colorectal cancer screening rates among a defined target population of persons 50-75 years of age within a partner health system, defined geographical area (Cook County), and disparate populations.