The Institute for Population and Precision Health conceptualizes and executes on research that leverages our understanding of the relationship between molecular data, the environment, and populations to prevent disease, innovate therapeutics, design diagnostics, and develop devices that improve health.

By building upon the intellectual capital and resources of the University of Chicago, we create teams of experts around the world, ranging from genetic, clinical, and behavioral scientists through epidemiologists, economists, and computer scientists to tackle the most challenging biological, behavioral, and economic problems.

To further facilitate scientific breakthroughs in “precision” prevention, treatment, and health promotion, we also have tremendous operations infrastructure.  In fact, some of our global sites have > 40k participants and our bio-banking (link to lab) is capable of managing different types of biological samples (~ 1 million).  Additionally, our capacity to design and apply emerging methods and technologies for measuring disease, pathogens, exposures, behaviors, and susceptibility in populations is well documented through more than 100 research studies and several hundred publications, with a collective value of over $150 million in funding.

The IPPH has lead research in over 100 studies and has several hundred publications.

We developed a global network of research site – One site in Bangladesh has > 40k participants.
Our research portfolio has a cumulative funding valuation of > $150 million.