Precision health approaches to disease prevention, diagnosis, and management are becoming a reality thanks to rapid developments and discoveries across the sciences. However, ensuring that precision health is available to everyone requires i) increasing representative participation in our precision health research initiatives by recruiting community members and clinic patients, and ii) applying innovative study designs and scientific methods for capturing and analyzing diverse sources of complex precision health data. The University of Chicago is well-positioned to address these challenges and produce impactful precision health discoveries to benefit our patients and communities.


The IPPH promotes multidisciplinary collaboration across campus to design and implement a wide array of precision health research initiatives. These employ a population-based framework, recruiting diverse research participants from UChicago clinics and its surrounding communities. The IPPH specifically aims to:

  • Bring together diverse expertise across the university to promote precision health research and training
  • Develop interdepartmental precision health expertise through faculty recruitment and enhanced training capacity
  • Serve as a population-based precision health research resource to faculty at large
  • Work with academic units, educational committees, and faculty members to promote our new Master’s in Precision Health Program