Brisa Aschebrook-Kilfoy, PhD

Brisa Aschebrook-Kilfoy, PhD, MPH, MPhil

Brisa Aschebrook-Kilfoy, PhD, MPH, MPhil

Associate Professor

  • Postdoc (Cancer Epidemiology), 2009-2011, National Cancer Institute


  • PhD (Epidemiology), 2009, Yale University


  • MPhil (Environmental Health Sciences/Epidemiology), 2008, Yale University


  • MPH (Chronic Disease Epidemiology), 2006, Yale University


  • BA (Biological Sciences/The History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science and Medicine), 2001, The University of Chicago
  • Environmental, molecular, and cancer epidemiology


  • Environmental exposure asssessment and contextual factors


  • Population and precision health methods


  • Cohort building and innovative methods/technologies to promote inclusion


  • Precision nutrition


  •  Recruitment and retention science

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