The IPPH wet laboratory, directed by Institute member, Dr. Muhammad Kibriya, occupies 2646 sq-ft of core laboratory space, 385 sq-ft of space for sample repository / other storage area, and 780 sq-ft of contiguous office space, all on the same floor. Laboratory staff are overseen by Assistant and Associate Professors.

We specialize in molecular genomics and toxicogenomic analyses: starting from large-scale nucleic acid extraction, PCR to ultra-high throughput genomics assays including, microarray-based gene-chip assays for gene expressions, SNP genotyping, miRNA expression, DASL and methylation assay, and target DNA sequencing on NGS platform. Our scientists have longstanding expertise in large-scale bio-banking of different types of biological samples (~ 1 million) focusing on highly multiplexed biomarker assays like auto-antibody, inflammatory cytokines, other cardiovascular markers, and a novel high throughput telomere length assay suitable for large-scale population health studies.